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Post Subject: Not in Sydney...Posted by anthony on: 12/27/2019
 vakman wrote:
Thank you for your reply and honest feedback that there is no silver bullet.
In the interest of trying to move forward, is there anyone in Sydney, Australia who has a Macondo based speakers, whom I maybe able to visit and enlighten myself?


...but am in rural Queensland that has a direct flight from Sydney.

Really though, I doubt that coming to visit me would help you too much at this stage.  Firstly, because my system is not yet complete, and secondly, because the first and highest hurdle is to be able to identify and describe what needs to change with your sound.  It seems that most people can only tell what they want once they have heard alternatives, and are not so capable in advance of spelling out what needs to change in the context of what they listen to presently.

EDIT:  Just read further down the thread.  The time alignment and levelling of the mid horn that Romy suggests seem to be important changes to your current setup.  Do that first.  It will wreck your current aesthetics, but should sound better.  Also, once you get further into optimising your system, I think you will end up with at least one more bass channel...I think those AE10's go too high by at least two octaves.

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