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Post Subject: HELP on a Custom 3 Way Horn with Beyma TPL150Posted by vakman on: 12/25/2019
Hi All,
This is my 1st ever post, but extremely disappointed I never came across this site before
Here is my current setup, for which I'm desperately seeking some help from fellow membersAmplificationCurrent Crossover PointsCurrent Crossover
The sound: We'll it's not bad, but lacks the delicacy and intimacy of my old Fountek Neo 5i Ribbon tweeter in my previous 2-way setup. The sound can best be described as impactive & full range, but lacking that suck me into the music (toe tapping factor).
Was thinking about replacing the Beyma TPL150 with the RaaL Lazy Ribbon, but unsure at this point and didn't really want to commit a large sum of money unless I was sure.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.





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