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Post Subject: My historyPosted by Amir on: 10/17/2019
the fun thing is that you read Romy posts here without understanding his ideas and copy paste Romy instructions in your Audio system and the result is lower than those audiogon guys (an example of your audio logic -> you buy gryphon speaker because romy says speaker should be sealedbox). please open your mind and try to find a right way to do audio.

I should Thank anybody for critic if his critic help me to have better look at the subject and I agree the internet is open and every body can share his critic but i also believe many critic are nonsense.

I try to describe my experience in Audio and i share my history .when i started audio in 2002 the audio was in control of 1.morons in internet , 2.magazines , 3.dealers.i have read many internet reviews and i had a accuphase/krell/dynaudio system . me and all of audiophiles in iran were in hell and all were trying to go to paradise with spending more money. it was real hell.
spending money , time and effort had no good result. i remember my cheap sony tape player had better sound than 500k$ audio systems in tehran but i could not believe that. Hans Christian Andersen had a book (The Emperor's New Clothes) , it is our story in audio. no body could confess those expensive Stereophile award products are crap.

I have listed all crap amplifiers i have listened them in iran in this topic.
I remember the first time i heard a good sound was 2008 and it was Audio Note Ankoru. i do not say the sound was perfect but i had a feeling that the sound could be good if Audio Note be in a good demo 2009 i was in ArmAlex home and that night we pulled speakers to a new place . very very accidentally the sound improved by a wide margin. i never forget that night. the sound was wonderful.
i have searched the internet and i find no result in internet just only in goodsoundclub.
check here  

my first post in goodsoundclub was about was the first time we find a site that was different to other sites. I also have listened to romy hardwares like CEC Purepower and it was also wonderful .
I read goodsoundclub and i post here because romy audio results is very effective to me and i have common grounds many times. romy advanced audio to DSET and 6way horn and it is not possible to me to think on that scale but i know his ideas many time is very very effective even in lower scales like my two way system.

my audio story divide to two section, the past time i was convinced the audio is about taste and no system is perfect and audio is a relative subject. after some years i convinced the audio is not relative and the real quality exist itself.

Audio is subjective and it is very complex for most audiophiles and i believe audiophiles with average IQ (intelligence quotient) may could not do it right.

we can imagine the audio is about Data and beauty. "data" means how transparent is the system and "beauty" means how audio reflect the beauty and power of Music.both data and beauty are important but my sonic priority is not "transparency" (please do not mistake transparency with resolution of crap high power ss amplifiers, the transparency is described in Peter Audio Note Uk Article -> Are You on the Road to Audio Hell) , my sonic priority is "beauty".we can not define "beauty" but we can feel it.some times i write about harmonic , dynamic , Image and ... but many times the sound affect our higher perception levels and we can not describe it .(read romy six level article)
I will try to write more about dynamic harmonic image and my micro macro view on sound and about what i need .

I write about Purist , CEC, Purepower, Audiopax and Audio Note just because these tools help me to have a better sound.

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