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Post Subject: Strauss Choral worksPosted by rowuk on: 10/13/2019
 Paul S wrote:
I try every few years to home in on "leads" to Strauss's "men's chorale" works. I've heard only 2 examples, both while driving, and both times the usual "random selection" with "random explication" from "dee-jays" who hold forth on the "classical radio stations" around here. So, Robin, you brought up Strauss. As a thoughtful musician living in the heart of Straussland, do you know of obtainable examples of this particular iteration of Straussmusik?

Best regards.
Paul S

Hi Paul,I assume that you mean "3 Männerchöre op. 123 nach Gedichten von Rückert".
This is a very good reading (I own it):

as is this (heard it on the radio):

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks/Dijkstra,PeterStrauss / Wagner / Mahler: Chorwerke
  •  900503
  • Recorded:06.02.2012

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