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Post Subject: Average conditionPosted by Amir on: 10/8/2019
About importance of impedance curve and current delivery of amplifier i agree you but generally we have some numbers (watt for spl) for average condition. Live or dead rooms and bass extension are also change the numbers .  My numbers come from my experience , for example the living voice 94db needs no more than 30 watt push pull in a 30-40 square meter and 15w single ended is not enough for living voice in 30-40 square meter. 30w single ended is not equal to 30w push pull and i think we need more power for single ended. These are my numbers for average condition :

A 7.5w       101db

B 15w        98db

C 30w        95db

D 60w        92db

E 120w      89db

F 240w      86db

G 480w      83db

In some shows you see 30 watt lamm ML3 is connected to big wilson alexandria and you see most listeners are happy , it seems most listener do not care about dynamic compression and they just only care about sound level and their ears react to sound only when the sound goes to hard distortion.
about model 5 output impedance the factory declared over 500 ohm and max 1500 ohm. I did not measured it . Stereophile measured model 88 . The output impedance was 3.7 ohm for model 88 

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