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Post Subject: Re: flashing temperaturePosted by hagtech on: 6/19/2006
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I have seen in it in photographic flashes

Wow, this is news to me.  Makes perfect sense, though. 

 he also wrote:
likely due to the memory in formatting

Yes, electrolytics are funny devices.  In fact, similar in many ways to batteries.  And batteries really require a good forming after initial construction.  Their properties can vary all over the map depending on how well the chemicals and metals are formed (meaning first charge).  You've all probably heard of the deep discharge cycle on NiCd types to erase the so-called "memory" effect.  Funny stuff going on inside these chemical/metal capacitors.  They are active devices in a way.

 and then he wrote:
disconnect them from anode

Clever.  But I believe the self leakage of large electrolytics will cause a self discharge in a matter of hours.  Worth experimentation.  Maybe a standby mode where the supply is on but the tubes are off?  This also begs the question, what is the best operating voltage for a given capacitor?  Should it be 70% of rating as suggested by reliability?  Or does perhaps 95% sound better?


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