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Post Subject: 4 Link Connection vs Neptune vs AnniversaryPosted by Amir on: 7/5/2019
we replaced the AMR DP-777 DAC with New CEC DA 3.0 DAC (30k$) to test between three digital cables because we could not believe digital cables could have huge difference .The connection between CEC TL 1 and CEC DA 3.0 could be 4 Link (clock data ... they call it Superlink) and we used 4 purist genesis BNC cables for it.Two other connections were Purist Neptune SPDIF coax and Purist Anniversary SPDIF coax cable.

We tested these three cables : 4 link Genesis 1.2m , neptune spdif 1.5m , anniversary spdif 1.5m .

Generally the 4 link connection seems alittle better than Spdif but difference was not important to me .The Neptune SPDIF and 4 Link Genesis both sounds bad and lifeless in comparison by Anniversary Spdif . the neptune had no control on bass and the flow of music was bad . the mid/high was distorted with purist neptune. the 4 Link purist genesis had better control but it was lifeless without body . The purist anniversary was very good.

You can not believe it but the digital cable between CEC TL1 and CEC DA 3.0 make very huge difference.

Could you tell me why there is huge difference between digital cables?

Should we choose longer than 2.5m digital cable for better result?

Do you think other Transports are less sensitive to Digital Cables?

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