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Post Subject: I am looking for SPDIF Cable better than Purist AnnivesaryPosted by Amir on: 7/1/2019
We have no access to Belkin Synopsis SPDIF cable (Romy use it in his system) and we are not sure how new Kharma digital cables sounds? we had a test between two Purist Digital cables . Purist Anniversary 4600$ and Purist Neptune 1500$ SPDIF Cable. The difference was huge and we can not believe it. the Neptune cable has problem in bass , pace timing and the dynamic was compress. the Anniversary was so much better but i guess it could be even better.

the transport was CEC and the DAC was AMR DP-777.

I think we should look for even better cable than purist anniversary.

kharma and Kubala-Sosna Elation and U-byte ( and Lessloss are in my short list .

Do you have any idea? can you recommend a good cable?

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