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Post Subject: The miserable line-arrays with 25W8565Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/18/2006


Arranging the driver in a line array is a fierily straight forward thing. Also be advised that the arrays will less likely work across a short wall, and you need to use a long wall. Generally it is imposable to advise anything as any rooms are different. My experience instate the if you have a narrow bandwidth suck off then leave it as it and do not fix it – you will have better result then LCR it. Find an average level with your 3 octaves and set this level with your amplifiers. My room has ¾dB more bass on right… witch it kind of work as the basses are mostly on right (unless the orchestras use the stupid Wagnerians sitting positioning). Also, the 100Hz, looking at your horns, does not sound as useable crossover point to me. You most likely have a high pass filer at your bass horns (you should). The horn decay with 2-3 order and the first order high pass kicks in somewhere there as well. So, the bass horn should due quite fast. The bass tower should be to the bass horn with 1-2 order, depends of your room. In my room I use 107Hz second order Bessel (at line level you might write it very precise). Approximately in 2002 I stopped to use the section order and went for first order 65Hz. Disregard the number and looks how the channels talk to each other. Thos driver are not good above 150Hz and the lower you would driver then the better it would be. I would strongly encourage staying with first order and doing the time alignment… generally the piling up driver in the array should not crate the frequencies anomalies, but should do opposite: it should laniaries the response.

My experience is the more 25W8565 drivers you use the better it would be: less excursion for each drivers, more linear, more sensitively, better room loading, lass HF off the axes and so on. I personably was searching for quite whale better driver but was not able to fine it. I like the 25W8565 very much. The SD1 motor is very smart, the suspension is very interesting (pay attention that the suspension has the same “tone” as the cone), he cone is light and very “sound”, the driver is 10” and sub 20Hz resonance. In addition the driver “clips” when stressed very-very soft, almost like 300B SET. If you can find a 10” driver with Fs=20Hz, good tone, light cone that still can “bend” at 20Hz then let me know and would very much embrace it. So far I did not see other contestant.

However be advised that it you use no feedback amp and with really high output impedance then the 25W8565 is very-very freaky and require very-very precise loading. In fact it is more sensitive then anything else I have ever seen. If you use tubes then pick the very correct plate current and the plate loading as 1Ohm off will toss the sealed 25W8565 in not good sound. If you use SS then running the bias and voltage set to the mode of the output stage that the 25W8565 appreciate. One again the 25W8565 is very-very sensitive. I affect the quality of bass but of cause not the frequency response…

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