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Post Subject: DifferencesPosted by kodomo on: 6/17/2019
I have 2nd order crossover both on the upper knee of the ob bass section and on the lower knee of the midbass section. My measurements show phase response and the summed spl is as good as it can get. 

Have you tried the direct servo technology or do you have experience with the older servos. The older servos relied on accelerometers and were slow to respond, the new direct servo technology seems to overcome this problem. The direct servo technology is by rythmik audio. Their website has information on this technology. The open baffle version is an addition by GR-Research. They have tweaked rythmiks amps for ob application (added dipole-cancellation comnpensation shelving) and also built paper versions for the drivers. They differ on these from what rythmik offers for their sealed and/or ported speakers.. 

The positive attributes may be partly because the ported boxes and a tapped horn working together was more complicated and had some inherent problems. The new system has no issues on integration to midbass, something I have not been aware of until I heard the new system. Also yy ported boxes had increased group delay at their lower end and that was around where the tapped horn was crossing in which measures fine but does not sound like a whole from 20 to 110. Tapped horn below 50hz is not a bad solution by itself. If my midbass played down to 50-60hz, I would not look for another solution. I would have just built another identical tapped horn.

What is positive about the new bass section itself is how light but still impactful the bass is. That is how it works in my room at least. The room is treated to have an even decay down to 40hz and I am sure it helps the bass section integrate to horns. They sound similarly open and fast like the horn section. Still, I need to spend more time to become aware of its overall quality. 

ps. I was going to get 12 drivers to start with and build 6 woofers each. If I am really satisfied with this solution, I think I will do that later on, that is on my mind.

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