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Post Subject: Interesting infoPosted by montesquieu on: 6/4/2019
Fascinating info. My first post here though been a lurker for years. @Amir I assume the info you posted above about PSU changes come from Silvio?  It's quite fascinating so if there's any further info published I'd appreciate a link to it.

I've just placed an order for a new Audipax Model 5, latest generation, via the UK distributor.  I was looking for a separate phono stage + preamp upgrade to my one box phono-preamp EAR 912. The EAR is a tricky act to follow as it has a truly superb all-tube LCR phono stage, with inputs for two arms, and some decent enough internal SUTs (though I have been using externals). However experimentation with a few line stages demonstrated that its line stage could be significantly bettered. Still I've had it for years and it's a tricky thing to change something that's given much pleasure over the years.

As part of the auditioning process I came across an original 2004 Audiopax Model 5, first generation, all black with no handles. Despite some issues with reliability and a noisy first generation power supply (long, long since superseded), I was actually blown away by what I heard - it truly was stunning through my Silvercore 833C monoblocks/Tannoy Canterburys. Timbral purity, wonderful 3D space, spot on timing, dripping with emotional expression  - it was all there.

After some discussion which included considering repairing/upgrading the old model, I have ordered a new one. I'm told that past SE improvements are now included in  the production version, so have gone for the only possible upgrade left which is full-balanced end to end, input and output. This is handy as the Silvercores are balanced-only input (true balanced in their input and output transformers), my AN DAC is true balanced, and so is my new phono stage - Allnic H7000V.  I've had to go quite a length to improve on the EAR phono stage but the Allnic manages it especially with a bit of tube rolling in the rectifier department.

So I'm very excited about the incoming Model 5 - should be the final piece of the puzzle. I did hear the Audiopax L50 linestage in my system and it was truly, gobsmackingly stunning, but out of reach price-wise. Though my experience with the early Model 5 suggests I will be perfectly happy with the latest generation Model 5.
Sounds like I may be a shade too early for the 5th gen PSU improvements referenced above but can always hope. Delivery is still the best part of two months away I'm told so who knows. Very much looking forward to its arrival.

I was at Munich last month but I don't think Audiopax attended this year - sounds like they will be back in future though. What Munich did do was reinforce my decision - I heard nothing better than the Model 5 in the entire show. (And quite a bit of quite pedestrian stuff at much higher prices).

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