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Post Subject: Midbass channelPosted by noviygera on: 5/18/2019
I actually had one of those horns, as I wrote in the first post. Edgar 80hz straight horn. I sold it long ago because I did not like the sound, no matter what amps I tried it with. The problem was, to me it sounded muddy, no matter what I tried, that's all I remember. Actually, I don't remember anything positive from listening to it. Also, the box was very resonant. So I came back to this topic to figure out if the entire topology is doomed or if there are in fact good sounding short horns, designs that address the issue of muddy sound that I experienced.

I don't really understand what happens acoustically, as you say "chocking effect" so I have no particular list of deficiencies to address when it comes to this short horn topology and the only obvious one is to make the box/horn extremely rigid, but that is just one variable out of the rest of unknowns to me. Knowing those unknowns would be useful to engineer a sound design. But I do not intend to shoot in the dark, specially with something as complicated.

So my first intent is to rule out a ill-fated topology if it is such, by people who have experience with these topologies. It may be in fact a sonically extremely compromised design that was born out of marketing decisions. Or not. In that case I want to find out what makes for a sonically good short midbass horn with compromises that are reasonable. Bad sound is not one of them but others may be acceptable. For example, complexity of construction is acceptable (non parallels walls). Since I need to use it up to 80-300hz, that is relatively narrow bandwidth, also acceptable.

I saw this design and thought maybe it is sort of waveguide midbass approach. Something like this can be implemented with good sounding 12" drivers, like the Vitavox or maybe less exotic even.

Has anyone experimented with such type of enclosure? Does anyone see glaring problems with such an enclosure?

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