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Post Subject: A bullet into the HeadPosted by Stitch on: 4/21/2019
... what is the absolutely worst a manufacturer can do?

To do something right.

This business follows the simple marketing rules from selling cars
Even, when done right ...
"Yes, I know, it is a good car. But it is the old model"

No feeding ruins the business. All want to play around (with some very few exceptions).The toystore for Adults ...
Years ago when I discovered "High End" (i needed years to discover :-)  that it is word combination from Low End with High pricing) I thought, great, the discriminated Audiophile should have some eye/ear openers.
Now, years later, I gave up. The numbers of morons increased. Stupidity/deafness IS the Standard now.
All cry about the price tags, but deep in their heart they WANT that stuff!

What did change my opinion?

One brand:  Magico
Sonic ear cancer. But great Marketing. The living proof that it is possible to transform Dirt to Gold.

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