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Post Subject: Rightsizing from extreme systems....Posted by Thorsten on: 6/17/2006

It is really amusing. Here I am busy myself for a while and am not looking and suddenly Roman talks about Mini Monitors and secondar phonostages.

It is even funnier if you realise taht I am on a similar kick right now, simply because I am working on some mainstream commercial gear (design, tuning) and I felt I needed to go back onto a basic, level playing field (and I did not fancy testing the audible clipping behaviour of a 200W per channel RMS into a reactive load using my Supravox Fieldcoil open Baffle Speakers (rated at 20W RMS & with 96db/2.83V/1m sensitivity).

Unlike Roman I did sit down and build it all myself....

So, right now, apart from the Amplifier and CD Player I'm actually working on, I have quickly knockewd up a small (12 Liter net) minimonitor using the DiyHifisupply "NeoFone" Full range driver and a medium (25 Liter net) 2-Way which you can imagine as a cross of the Sonus Faber Extra passive radiator, the Dynaudio BM15 Studio Monitor and the SLS S8R Ribbon Studio Monitor.

I use a chinese made 9.5" woofer that could be a Dynaudio 24W100 Esotec Woofer (if DA had ever made one) and a 5" ribbon with an 8" X 12" passive radiator. Crossover at 2KHz, appx 4th order Linkwitz Riley acoustically, as the ribbon is hornloaded the drivers are pretty well timealigned as well.

I also build on the quick a slighty ammended and improved version of my Analog Addicts Phonostage and I must say it is still as good as I remember it. It is very small (old case from Hayes Modem and a "brick on a cable" supply transformer from an HP Inkjet printer (sized about 10 times too large), always on and quiet.

The whole system actually sounds rather decent, much better than it has any right to do.

Anyway, I'll be watching Romans new adventures with interrest....

Ciao T

PS, Roman, my commercial Products include "tubes looking at you" and "you looking at tubes" windows, I hope that's okay, I would not like to be sued by you AND Micr$oft [you cannot put these windows here - we have them trademarked]

PPS, Brian C, if you read this, get in touch please.

PPPS, Now playing apropriatly Alan Parsons Project "Psychobabble" at Mach 2 on Spinal Tap....

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