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Post Subject: The midrange driver is the main bitch!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/16/2006
 Chirag wrote:
Still, I do miss the dynamic lower MF of the 15" woofer...
Well, this is it. I really do not know what it is and I (and you) call it “dynamics” but it might be something else that juts appears like dynamics… I did not play a lot with Tannoy 10”. I had it once home: the standard default Tannoy enclosure and I did like them tonally a lot. Still, for whatever reasons all (that I know) small (5”-8”) drivers are dynamically more challenged then 15”. I have written about it:

This is the problem with smaller mid/upperbass range drivers – that are the core of the proper 2-ways monitors. Let look at the numbers.

An everglade cone 7” driver has sensitively 88dB, handles 100W and develop maximum acoustic pressure of 103dB. In reality those drivers do not handle  100W. They hit 103dB after a few watts and then you drive them with generators of Hover Damn the do not sound louder. Contrary to it the compression drivers have average sensitively of 107dB and develop max acoustic pressure over 120dB. Also there is another very interesting thing. The compression drivers when they overdriven distort first and then compress dynamics. The cone drivers do opposite and if they are overdriven they begin to compress and only then they distort.

I am looking out for a good 100Hz-4000Hz 6”-7”driver, with 100dB sensitively. I it king of complicated as the cone along with the suspension should all work together, smartly damping the cone, and smartly breaking the cone, and to do many other things…  The Alian 2140 looks very interesting but of I need 4 drivers then it is $6000… It is kind of too bity…

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