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Post Subject: Tannoy monitors and MF driversPosted by Chirag on: 6/16/2006
Hi Cat,

The more and more I listen to reproduced music, the more I realize dynamics and tonal respect are key to start any reasonable installation.  This kind of crosses over into some driver discussions so bear with me...

My Tannoy 10" sealed box (not tannoys cheap boxes) golds then reds did wonderfully in that MF range and reasonably with the HF demands....the problem they had existed more in the dynamics department.  I picked up some 15" reds and 15" DMT's.  The reds have better dynamic range, but they just don't work for me below 80hz in their current boxes or above something like 600-800hz on the high end.  The DMT's have big well built boxes, but respect tonality like Koshka respects visitors.  The HF drivers don't seem to integrate in the big speakers as well as the little 10" versions (red or gold).

What is left to do?  I uncoupled the 10" red/golds from the bass and am supplementing with the 10" scan speaks each in sealed 2.5cu ft boxes on each side.  Another set is being made for me right now for 2 per side work below 80-100hz.  Its a reasonable solution, but the dynamics in the MF range are still going to get me clamoring for the big 15" speakers (however rude they are), i have to deal with multiamping and my dog trips over all the wiring.

Drivers that are left for MF work?  someone point me somewhere!  The PHL's won't work in sealed boxes, old JBL's are ok but not sensitive enough, the pro Audax is ok, but ragged on top.  The ideal MF driver would do 80hz to 2k without passive crossover help, be 100db/watt and have some musical respect.  I agree with you...scan speak and JBL can do better.


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