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Post Subject: Cant keep the smile nowPosted by martinshorn on: 2/2/2019

Hi Romy

I cant help but not keeping back the smile Big Smile

Come on Romy, we are grown ups, you can not be so angry only because you I don't like your speaker.

It is important to stay open towards the outside world and get inspired by new input.

Stay hungry.

Like JMMLC said, you need to re-evalute what you, go out and compare. 

Otherwise you tweak forever only at home on your own system.

By that you loose the relation, your ear gets used to your coloration. 

And you end up compensating within your chain each others components.

Like the Tubes softness try to compensate the S2 harshness.

Or the Tannoy and Ribbon try to compensate your odd dispersion.

At the end when you stay forever home and tweak for 20 years, there's only Frankenstein coming out of it.

I had that once and i listened so much to colored horns that all others sounded colored to me.

You cure that by listening to more natural performance and compare with other speakers.

And its not enough having it done 30 years ago. It keeps coming back. So you need to keep moving.

That was one of the reasons for me (also being a copy cat) being interested in a visit.

I highly recommend! It opens you more to the reality instead of encapsulating yourself far off the grid in the countryhouse deeper into own reality neglecting. Because I feel this is what is happening whenever someone sais everyone else is different.

You tend to turn things upside-down to your liking but must gain back the birds-eye view on where you stand.

Otherwise you twist yourself into contradictions. There are many examples:

You ask me if I am upset, but you say it is unethical to post elsewhere about Macondo.

You insist in the accuracy of you not inviting me but I invited myself - when elsewhere my comment to you "Macondo lacks lows, its way too lean" gets reworded by you into "he said there was no chest pressure".

When I visited, you say i would be an exception coz you normally do not allow audio people anymore. But now as I didn't like it, just the other day someone was there who liked it very much... 

Back 10 years ago when you heard about Kevin using S2, your first reaction was he is probably trying to copy Romy. Which is funny because he has been using it for 30 years.

Back when ESD horn showed up, you say that ESD lacks good taste to make horns red. They are not modest. And that modest people would color horns black. Which is funny looking at your horns and the contradictory explanation of modesty Big Smile

When I say I dont like Macondo sound, you say I have inability for evaluation.

When I say Macondo lacks correct tonality, you offer me to press the loudness and bass boost button.

When I refuse to spontaneously detune your setup on potentiometer to my liking within the little time i have to listen at all, you say I am missing my opportunities to discover.

When I mention the unpleasant harshness, you say this was also intentional forwardness by you making the response uneven.

When I say I was not impressed by the sound, you say this is the biggest compliment because that was actually the plan. Which I dont buy sorry, why would you burn 6 figure money for 10 years voicing to be ordinary.

Or when you say you exhausted the energy youre willing to waste on me, but you keep coming back. Like when that "someone pointed to you" the diyaudio threat Smile

And after you realise I do not give you the validation for your playback, you claim that you were actually just playing games with me to giggle, snigger and titter behind my back. That is actually the not funny but rather sad statement already.



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