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Post Subject: Very disappointing but NOT surprisingPosted by rickmcinnis on: 2/1/2019
All of us know that we do not share the same perceptions as others.  Some of us would readily agree we are on the road to perfecting our ability to perceive and there are others who have convinced themselves they have reached their destination.  They very well may have.  But I have noticed those folks ended up in Brooklyn and not Boston Symphony Hall.

When I first read this I was happy for the fellow - I knew he had been treated well and had the opportunity to hear something well out of the ordinary.  I did not think he said as much about Romy as he did about himself.  The folks at the increasingly dumber DIYAudio predictably see it the other way 'round.  One of the folks who has posted here thought it was unfair that Romy not be able to respond since they had kicked him out years ago.  (and we know Romy has been crying in his beer ever since)  My first thought, even though I knew the poster meant well was YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.  I cannot imagine Romy "defending" his honor as if his honor could be harmed by a post in an audio forum.

Nonetheless, I think what Romy has said is just what I would thought he would.  He filled in many of the blanks and gave us his opinion of how the day went.  I am surprised that someone would go to Romy's and want to listen to anything other than orchestral music.  That is so obvious as to be painful.  But he had, i assume, come a long way and I can see Romy being more amenable to requests for that reason.

I guess the fellow was expecting something impossible?  We are still dealing with speakers.  Disappointment happens every day and if you are lucky less than once an hour.  I mean the ideal is the suspension of disbelief not complete recreation of another reality.  Christ!  And then to hear he was expecting pressure on his chest?  What can you say?  The less the better?

It is not as if Romy has said he has found THE way.  He has said he has found a way that works for him.  He has given us plenty to think about and whether these thoughts mesh with how we hear is for us to discover for ourselves.  He has done lots of research but quickly admits there is much left to know.  I like the fact that he never gives an opinion on something he knows nothing about.  If only one-tenth of the folks at DIYAudio had the same ability to edit themselves.

Oh, well, I am one who knows he has learned much from Romy.  Nothing in my system is Romy approved.  Just because you respect someone doesn't mean you follow them to the end of the earth and one's bank account.  I cannot afford a system like Romy's!  At DIYAudio they effortlessly (everything there is best when effortless that is how motivated most of them are) assume that those who admire Romy's work think he is the ultimate MAN.  I admire Romy's determination. He is willing to work to get what he wants and never sat back and waited for something to be handed to him.  Yes, I make no bones about being a fan.  

I did not realize Romy had even acknowledged this nonsense but when I saw that he had I could not help myself and had to write something.

Sometimes this hobby can be too strange.  The irony is the audio forums are even dumber now than they were when they kicked him out.  If they were in this state back then I doubt he would have ever made the first post.

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