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Post Subject: A quest for a better monitor and sensitivity.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/16/2006

 behhl wrote:
As well, it is 15 ohm, and one of the few monitors I can drive with my SET reasonable. All other monitors I know demand so much more amp and I still cannot understand why.


This is a part of bigger subject.  There is nothing interracially un-compatible between SET and monitors.  High impedance without any dives is defiantly helps but even it might be fixed (to degree) by tuning the properties of output transformers. What really surprises me that if we looks at the park of available 5”-7” drivers – the hart of any monitor - then there is nothing good with high sensitivity.

The two ways monitors is really complicated part of loudspeakers design. It is like design of monocycle engines. Although it is not as “important” and the design of the “Formula 1” engines but any engine designer would tell you that the solutions in the monocycle engines sometimes are more “sexy” then in any other transportation engines. The size, weight, the necessity to be very simplistic in operation and at the same time the aim to have very high demand make the monocycle engines the real art of engendering.

The core of any monitor is a MF driver, but look at those drivers. You would hardly fine any 5”-7” driver with sensitively over 93dB. If they do over then they have no power handling and dive into deep distortions and compression at 95dB of listening level. We have 103dB sensitive 15” drivers but why we cannot have103dB sensitive 6-inchers. I have no idea why we do not. I think the only driver that I know about is Alian 2140 with sensitivity under 100dB but still why not higher? I know another few 5”-7” drivers that have over 100dB sensitively but none of them sound good? Why not? Why do not apply the successes of the good sounding 88dB sensitive drivers (LE5, 15W-8530K, D2905 and few others) and to make them 103dB sensitive? 15dB of dynamic range is huge, very huge!!!!

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