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Post Subject: Throwing the dirtPosted by martinshorn on: 2/1/2019
Dear Romy,

I feel you perceive yourself very much as enlightened and 90% of other people as low beings.You describe yourself as offering a generous helping hand from the top which is not understood due to ignorance.

A true enlightenment does not judge when feeling compassion - it offers the hand like to a child who cannot ride the bicycle yet.

It is very much different from feeling pity for others. Pity is a form of disgust.Why are you disgusted by all people around you?How we perceive the world, is a reflection of ourselves. 

Remember, there is no reality but your perception of it? You even said it yourself.

I recommend trying to understand other people and see the positive things around you.It requires a lot of empathy. But it may reward with a lot of love. Even with more love to yourself.

best regards 

PS: as for the rest of audience in this forum, i recommend emancipating yourself an own opinion.

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