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Post Subject: SiblingsPosted by anthony on: 1/31/2019
 Romy the Cat wrote:
 martinshorn wrote:
I expected your disappointed resonance already. What you write completes the impression of the evening. I didn't go that far not to blow up the mini article unnecessarily. But be honest, you knew it all before. And so it happened... And I believe deep inside you remembered yourself back in the days when you were searching, the moment you responded to my "self-invitation". 

Josh, I have no disappointing in here of any kind with exception that I wish you do not post at the forums where the typical idiots dump dirt on me and I have no means to response. In fact I am very pleased with your visit as in my view Macondo demonstrate a very high performing integrity. You mentioned that you were surprised that Macondo sounded like a regular speaker, you were not moves, astonished, surprised, flabbergasted or experienced any other emotional shock that you typically expect to get from a playback. This is the highest compliment I even got for Macondo. This is the ultimate expressive transparency of playback, the transparency that you unfortunately do not understand yet. Macodno did present you with auditable surrogate that in your mind you recognize as a definition of “quality”. You did not understand the music was played and you experienced no invents for your soul. When you played your surrogate Macondo did not ornament it with your expected sonic goodness, so you pass through the Macondo presentation like a hot knife there the butter and hear only a boring regular speaker. There are very few speakers out there that can do it for you and Macondo is one of them.
Also, I think Macondo did spectacular job to suggest you do not look for “progressed” solution and to settle down for something more modest. I think it was a good education at good time for you and I do glad that you come to this realization.

Josh, like many people I have a brother.  We are born of the same parents, raised in the same home, had the same friends because we grew up in an isolated rural community, and are only 18 months apart in age.  We even look like each other, some people have to look twice to see which brother they are talking to.  So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, given our identical upbringing, my brother is always looking over the fence for the next 'thing' to make him happy whilst I play in my own sandpit content and happy.  Searching for things, like audio nirvana, happiness, love, is more often found with introspection than with outward searching.  At some stage a man must grow up so that lust and hunger can settle to love and devotion.  Likewise, to get to an audio nirvana one must be capable of understanding exactly what they want, how to evaluate what you have, and try to reason how to set a path to make necessary changes.  

Wandering the globe and listening to various high end acoustic systems and judging them by how the builders intent matches with your expectations is folly.  Wandering the globe and listening to various builders of acoustic systems about the decisions they have made to mold their playback to their expectations is certainly not folly, listening to the builder is far more enlightening that listening to their system alone.  Afterall, the 'why' and 'how' is far more important than the 'what' when you are on a path to do something personal to a particularly high standard, and audio, like love and happiness, is very personal.  

The whole "I built it and it sounds great" argument is not very convincing.  The "I heard this awesome system and I am going to copy it" is a sure path to failure unless you are able to evaluate not only what you want, what you get, and are prepared to put in some real effort to get there.  Is my Macondo/Melquiades going to rock my socks when it eventually is finished?  I don't expect so and it will likely evolve to meet my personal requirements for my acoustic playback.  It would be nice if it did rock my socks off straight away, but things don't work like that.

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