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Post Subject: Bitching about the Macondo in the enemy forumPosted by martinshorn on: 1/31/2019
Hello Sir Smile

I expected your disappointed resonance already. What you write completes the impression of the evening. I didn't go that far not to blow up the mini article unnecessarily. But be honest, you knew it all before. And so it happened... And I believe deep inside you remembered yourself back in the days when you were searching, the moment you responded to my "self-invitation". 
Just a few things i want to comment :

1. The 90% of wrong audio people 
I feel you mean 90% of people have different objective than you. Which makes them wrong. Its not particularly modest buddhistic approach of thinking. Lets say two are talking how nice it is to drive out on the weekend for a road trip. Both agree but mean totally different things. Person A loves to drive technically coz his car is tuned to perfection. Second person meant he reaches destination to enjoy food and meet new people. I feel the same in the audio scene. You can either enjoy the music itself or enjoy the sound-bathing. Sound-bathing is by far more common between audiophiles, and listening to well recorded but meaningless music. Both is OK. If I enjoy to jiggle my senses with sound effects, no one gets hurt. Sound-bathing is totally fine. Only the abuse to justify consumptionism is bad about it. This is what many are guilty of.
As for the actual music, honestly i came along the conclusion years ago that even the radio in my car is good enough to stop there. Thats because it transmits the emotion of music to the max extend I expect. Which leads to the next point

2. Only classical music is actually music
I am familiar with this thinking since childhood. My grandpa is a classic snob too. He is hobby pianist and Chopin obsessed since his teenage. He would always argue that what i listen to is more similar to African bush rituals than music. I mean we are both familiar in Germany and America with people of younger past calling jazz music barbarian....... The truth is, while my grandpa may felt superior about enjoying his complexity, he never had a chance to enjoy singing out loud with Howlin Wolf under the shower. Or with Jimi Hendrix in the car with open window. Neither he was dancing to techno with his friends in a secret industrial nightclub till 8 o'clock in the morning. Nor did he date many girls on the salsa dancing courses in that cuban bar downtown. I don't know which of us both had more life-fulfilment, but I sure do have assumptions.......

3. Learn to truly listen
That his handing over to the point when I say that any level of quality above shitty car radio does actually already not matter to me. When I sing horribly bad to Curtis Mayfield or Charles Bradley in the car (and my Lady notices she doesn't have enough hands to cover her face and ears at the same time) the sound quality doesn't matter at all. This is when I truly listen. And I feel fulfilment of music. And I know that for long. It has little to do with audio sound bathing. Maybe you find this your way with understanding the real power of classical music and the individual personality and art of each interpretation. And it may be what you try to articulate. My way may lack complexity. But I feel i don't need to proof to anyone my grandeur. Instead i feel this genre has a lot of its own bohemian charm, which is composed after 5 beer and heartache, instead of 2 dices thrown on a matrix. 

4. Bitching about the Macondo in the enemy forum
I had little notice of you being banned nor does it have any relevance. It is simply the biggest platform reaching out to people. And that was the idea, it actually was a pure socialistic idea. I do not feel this forum here would be a platform to communicate this.  As you pointed: most people are the same. I find this shockingly often to be true in life. This is where I agree with 90% Smile A lot of people want to hear your system. People were asking how does it sound, was anyone ever there? I was googling it, no results. Many sure did. I wanted to let them know. And its better to share experience rather than keeping it secretly within a small snobby highend society. I was lucky to be nearby and you making time. Thanks!
If you create something, and say someone else's creation is shit, you actually also say yours is better. If you say everyone is shit, you imply the statement of your own superiority. You do say a lot how shitty others are. That certainly triggers huge curiosity around the globe. Look how the S2 prices exploded to unreasonable height. You and Kevin made a lot of fuss about it. 
So I wanted to speak to people and address that. I really think it is a great thing to do. Though it may hurt your feelings. Sorry for that. See it as contribution to something bigger. It hopefully releases some tension of curious audio people how the mystical Macondo may sing. Like when you welcomed me. That relief was great gift! Happy to share it.

with all positive intentions.. Josh

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