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Post Subject: BBC LS3/5a solution.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/15/2006

Thanks behhl for sharing. I’m not well familiar with the LS3/5a’s Sound. I think I heard juts few of them but I can’t say anything about thier sonic performance. However, looking at the LS3/5a concept, purely intellectually, I would hardly find them as a winning solution for a “better monior”.

As we know there is no LS3/5a monitors but there is a BBC design concept that was implemented by a dozen of companies with various successes. The LS3/5a, beside everything else, implies the complex phase-fixed crossovers and jacking up lower frequency extension by passive equalization. So, what it all leads us to? Loosing of sensitively (you need to burn a few dB of MF sensitively to EQ the bass), use of initially poor drivers, very low power handling and so on and so on....  This all might work more or less if the LS3/5as were used is a little closets (as they originally meant to be used by BBC) but it does not work in a wide applications.

I understand why the BBC did what they did and why they tried to push out of this ,omotors the fill-range-like balance. LS3_5a.pdf

However, my objective are completely different.  I do not need any semi-full-range like implementation and I need only superb quality two-ways MF/HF channel. Therefore in my case the LS3/5a would be juts a pursuit in the wrong direction...

Romy the Cat

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