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Post Subject: My Kind of Foolish Monitors and Sub playbackPosted by behhl on: 6/15/2006
I use my my kind of Foolish Monitors happily, which are (no longer in production) BBC licensed LS3/5a monitors.

Surprisingly they were designed with the intent to use them in the mobile truck on site recordings studios etc, ie: with no great ambitions of being  'Monitor Idol' or the 'UK Next Super Monitor'. At least not that type of Foolishness!

Considering their origins they provide for me a nice compromise in the playback, small enough to fit my limited space (being also part of my living area), and having an emphasis on the midrange which makes most recordings infinitely more palatable than the sizzling tzzz-tzzz-tzzz of the Titanium Idol winners. As well, it is 15 ohm, and one of the few monitors I can drive with my SET reasonable. All other monitors I know demand so much more amp and I still cannot understand why.

The pair I own are probably 25 years old if not more ... I do have a REL sub connected together but it is a struggle to make it tango with the monitors. I still fight with it daily when able and when I despair I switch it off! and just listen Foolish Monitors sans sub, and even knowing I have lost the foundations at least I still enjoy the transparent unmuddled view of the vista without having my eye socked by boom-boom-boom.


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