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Post Subject: Marten Coltrane Supreme: a step forward and two steps back.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/14/2006

A few years ago a friend of my asked me what I feel might be a perspective product to go in high-end that would do well business wise and at same time topology would be optimized to serve better sound. I gave him an idea of a monitor, coupled with a mid-size separate LF section, coupled with a dedicated amp driving tow enclosures. I told that if everything is properly implemented and everything cost under $15K then it might be interesting for business, for consumers and for sound.

When I saw/heard the Marten Coltrane Supreme for a first time I got a feeling that they were trying to move into a correct direction. However, digging deeper into them I realized that they are very far from being properly implemented.

I would leave alone criticizing the specific design decisions of the Marten Coltrane Supreme and how they manifest themselves in sound. What important is in the design of the Marten Coltrane Supreme is to understand the reference point to which those $250,000 monitors were targeted.

Readers of my site know that I constantly criticize the cretin audio-writers. However, not a lot of people understand that the primitive state of today’s audio exist exactly because those audio-writers created in YOUR mind and in a manufacturers minds that idiotic level of reference points against which the manufacturers aim upon. The Marten Coltrane Supreme did not mean to "sound well" but it meant to address to primitive sonic objectives of the Michael Fremer-like listeners.  Do you wont more? Listen any single Kharma loudspeaker; listen the Magico Mini monitors and you will hear exactly the same “boom-dza-dza sound". I call it the “Sound of a reviewer's lobotomy”….

I think when the manufacturers would fee their minds form pleasing the demands of those industry idiots then they might discover that their product might sound in fact more interesting then they would expect themselves…

The Cat

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