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Post Subject: There are a lot of foolish monitors out there…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/13/2006

I started to pay attention more deeply at what people do with monitors. The more I look at the available 2-ways monitors the more revolting picture I see. Today I heard one super expansive monitor that all those cretin-reviewers are drooling about lately. It was so bad that my prosciutto sandwidge stacked across my throat. What the pile of the sonic crap that $20.000 monitor was and what the barbaric objectives were in the head of the fool who made them! Those wonna-be high-end monitors took the worth that Kharma loudspeakers have and brought it to it’s absolutely ridicules level.

Furthermore, I bought last night a #78 issues of Canadian Ultra High Fidelity magazine. They had a review about the Totem Mani-2 Signature loudspeakers and an interview with Vince Bruzzese. The interview was in a way interesting here and there, although the questions  Vince was asked were complied apparently by 12 years old teenager. However, the review level meant the an awareness of that same 12 years old teenager only this time the teenager just ate a huge cake staffed with heavy-duty marihuana!

The UHF team stated that Mani-2 was  “one of the word’s truly great loudspeakers, without regards to either it’s size or price”. No shit? Do the horrendous Dynaoudio drivers, the rice paper enclosures, the tonal blindness, the compressed sound or the conning doctored bass made then to make such a statement? The review is filed with some amassing statements like “the recording was too loud and therefore too bright” or “the big pipes moved a lot of air”…  Aren’t the speakers that play bright when they loud is unavoidable evidence that the speakers are good only to cut sushi on them? Aren’t the Morons who write for UHF do not know that sound is based upon the Longitudinal waves contrary to the Transverse waves and there is no movement of air in sound, not to mention that the “movement of air” that they described in those monitors is juts a pipe's noise from the port?

It is sad but the problem with the monitors is not in the fundamentals of the monitors topologies but as I said above in the stupidity of the people who employ this topology. Each of then try to push more crappy bass out of their monitors and conceive different demy reasons to impress the idiots who work in the outsourced sale departments (audio-reviewers). It is hardly there is anyone out there to deal in a my search for a reasonable 2-way monitor..

The Cat

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