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Post Subject: Why so much surprises about the Monitors?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/12/2006

That is funny but I received a few emails from audio people suggesting that I am a nut because at I suddenly expressed queasily in a monitor loudspeaker. Ironically only one of them uses some-type horn loading loudspeakers and the rest use large floor-standing acoustic system.

What constantly turn me off in audio people is their satisfaction with bumper-sticker awareness when the postulates that they accept as the rules are manfully as the statements of nowadays’ politicians. You know when a statesman jumps to microphone and annunciate something that has no real meaning, no depth, no follow-ups, no relation to anything in applied realty, no logic, no reasoning and full of self-contradictions? I think the dissatisfaction of the folks who surprised about my interest in monitor based upon the very same basic superficially of this understand about the nature of monitors. I do not get why some people do support the large floor-standing acoustic system but disregard the monitors. From my perspective the monitors are fundamentally more interesting and way more wiling topology then floor-standing.

Lets to dive little into the subject.

When a Moron pays his $30.000-$90.000 for a large, glossy, flashy and polished large floor-standing then the morons pays for a monitors and LF section combined in the same peace of furniture, where the 80%-90% of the furniture is LF implementation.  Now the funny parts that by the virtue of combining the MF and LF section the LF become fundamentally compromised (there is a LOT of reasons why and I might enumerate them). The speaker placing-wise the LF and HF section practically always require the different positing and with the large floor-standing it is imposable, consequently the large speakers are compromised even more. If we have 100db sensitive floorstanding then why we can’t have 100db sensitive monitors? Without going into LF it should be easer to make higher sensitively speakers and make them easier to drive.

I think that problem with monitors is not what they are but how they are treated in our awareness. Not a lot of people make them up to high demand and not a lot of people try to build then seriously. Did you see any serious commercial LF implementation for any commercial monitor? I do not think so. The industry offers mostly mediocre monitors with horrifying LF sections. I presume tat they do it intentionally. They do it because the industry knows that the speakers users are mostly idiots who accept any results if the results  are properly salted and papered. Also they do it because they would like to keep their floor-standing agenda as they could charge more money for polish and nicely finished peaces of the floor-standing furniture.

I feel that a properly implemented monitors and properly made dedicated LF section could be incredible good and in the same time be more functional and useful then floorstanding, I am not saying that I will be able to accomplish it within this my monitor experiment but I do not see why people are so surprised about this little journey of mine. A good monitor and a proper LF section allow accomplishing something that audio people mostly are not familiar: the CONTROLLED reproduced acoustic environment…

Romy the Cat

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