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Post Subject: I have no idea what the reply is all about.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/10/2006

Actually I care less about the design philosophy in this case but rather about the result. Obviously the 150W-200W (200W?) of Zarathustra’s pure class A would be completely useless for my horns. I would like to have something to drive with that amp and I am not completely satisfied with the installations to which I have asses locally. Of course I do not expect the par of little 2-ways mini-monitors with a pair of small LF sections to do what Macondo does. However I would like to make this little system to sound as good with Zarathustra as good, if not better, then those commercial crappy loudspeakers that they sell for $10.000-$90.000. Looking what JMLabs or Kharmas do, the MAXX and below level Wilson’s, the Schweikerts and the rest of crap I do not think that it would be difficult at sub $1000 level.

Evidently you Brits are more familiar with the SL600, I never heard them. The aerolam cabinet is something that very much attracted me in them, perhaps as the complete speaker “as is” or perhaps as a base for building my own. I do not know at this point. Still, the fact of aluminum enclosure is not a self-contained solution. Krell does aluminum speaker and they all sound revolting. But it was done by Krell, which is not a characteristic of design objectives but rather a design diagnoses. I do not know what it all would lead into… Perhaps I would let the SL600 to go as for the fraction of it’s price I could make my own enclosure (I know how to do it very cheap and very effective). As my long term objectives I would like to arm my monitor with Gorlich woofer with which I have fallen in love since I heard the older production of Italian M. Acoustics Eclipse loudspeakers (nowadays they do not use the Zellatrons anymnore but the Focals).

I think a correctly-made elclsosure (whatever it means), Gorlich woofer (perhaps a pair of then), a complimentary contemporary cloth tweeter (the are very good nowadays), first order filter should yield out of monitor topology whatever it possible. All the rest would be the Zarathustra’s duty. People hardly imagine what amplifiers might do as then hardly know what 6E5P driver does with sound…

Hey, I have 3 sequential audio projects that turned out were “bad for sound”. I need some kind of “win” to recover my audio ego…

Romy the caT

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