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Post Subject: A quest for a better monitor.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/8/2006

While Dima is cooking the Super Zarathustra I figure out that I would need some test speaker to be able to observe the preliminary results. I would not be able to drive the multi-channel Macondo with a single full range amplifier, so I need something else… “loudspeakerable”. Defiantly Zarathustra will be tried eventually on some “big” speakers but I would like to have a chance to play with it home before I let the Zarathustra drive something “serious”. Also I have problem with somebody else’s systems, as I never feel they got out of their “big speakers” what they might … Not to mention that there are no really good big speakers out there….

I was thinking about all of it wonder why don’t I make another parallel with Macondo acoustic system with a conventional small monitors. The way in which the Macondo installed in my room and connected it would perfectly allowed to use both systems in non-compromised setting…

I always like the mini-monitors with separate LF section. I feel the satiation when LF section and the MF section separated would allow taking care about many problems typical for loudspeakers. There are uncountable amount of mini-monitors out there and they mostly perform very poor. Unfortunately the industry does absolutely idiotic things with mini-monitors! Most of the mini-monitors are ported, most of them use wrong or improperly performing drivers, most of the crossovers are sonically wrong, most of the LF sections are absolutely barbaric, most of the mini-monitor’s enclosures have unacceptably high enclosure resonances, most of the mini-monitors completely falling apart when they play a large and complex orchestral music presenting small and flimsy sound reproduction, most of them have dead sensitivity… and so on and so on….

I kind of put myself in a slow pass trying to make a mini-monitor installation to sound acceptable or even good.  I do not know which mini-monitors I will end-up. Perhaps I will do something myself as I in my past have developed very good techniques to make resonance-free enclosures. Or perhaps I would fish something ready to go. I know that I need a monitor that would not do anything under 80Hz as it will be coupled with my bass-monitors that already exist and perform wonderfully. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have some my ides but I would listen if anyone have already went this way…

Romy the Cat

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