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Post Subject: Reading about Malquiades amplifer and the DSET concept: check !Posted by devo_yan on: 5/16/2018
I already have some PY500 (it's a sign =))) ) and I have 836 too.

I read about Malquiade amplifier threads.

So it seem peoples on this forum like horn speakers (I love them too) and are looking for fast transient response, it's exactly what I like.
But I'm not sure to understood all particularities of the Malquiade amplifier
Maybe it have a fast transient response sound because of:
- only two stages amplifier
- the driver is resistor/capacitor coupled, I guess it's faster than poor choke or interstage transformer.
- very low impedance final stage power supply (I like to do it too =))) )
- no automatic bias (I do it for convenient raisons =s), I guess the time the cathode capacitor charge and discharge we lost speed

And if I understood well, for the 6 channel system, each channel have a optimised bandwith output transformer right ? This is what mean Dedicated SET ?

But I still don't understand the secret for a S.E. amp drive well big bass speakers. To simply use a good output transformer, this is the key ? And it's more easy to build good O.T. for low impedance tube this is why I often read that low impedance final stage tube is better for bass ?
I mean with a very good output transformer, even a 45 DHT can properly drive 4* 18" bass speakers ?

I said that I want to build a S.E. amp for to drive 4 18" BPH speakers but in fact I would like to drive a full range system with passive filters:
- 4* 18" band pass horn
- 1* 10" horn speaker
- 1* 1.5" horn speaker

Is it possible to have good sound with passive filter or will I really need to do 1 amplifier per channel with active crossover (crossover before the amplifiers) ?

(I ask to much questions in the same time)

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