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Post Subject: Output transformer.Posted by xandcg on: 5/16/2018
Just remembering I am not technically capable to do any actual statement.

About the GM-100 I guess so. NatAudio has an amplifier using GM100 but with solid state power supply. Magma.

As you certainly know the actual result will be a consequence of all decisions you did; however you are looking for an amplifier to work on narrow bandwidth, and so you would be better to use optimized output transformers, with narrow bandwidth. In this case, just for bass.

Search in the forums about the Romy Malquiades amplifer and the DSET concept, and you will probably answer your-self later about that (at least partially).

For those high powered transmitting triodes you may want to take a look on rectifiers like PY500 too, and they are cheap. :-)

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