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Post Subject: My answerPosted by devo_yan on: 5/16/2018
Nice thank you for the link, see the "lo SE100-1", 169.0 USD for 7Kg, it's cheap and they look good.

So I was Happy with my choice of parallel 845 (I was hesitating with GM-70 but after a difficult decision I decided that the GM-70 filament consume twice the power of the 845 (and all of a sudden I felt concerned by power consumption (as much as someone wanted tube class A can be)).
But now that I read "How to get a LOT of SET power" again, I'm thinking about
but because I will need to run her with 2500V plate, the Output transformer and the power transformer will need to be far bigger than parralele 845-GM70 right ?

or 833
but the need to run her in A2 scary me

what about 50 parallel
6as7 ? (maybe after soldering 10 of them I will hate me)

If someone could explain me what is the secret for to have good basses with S.E. amp (without negative feedback) ? Does it have something to do with the low impedance of the final stage tube(s) ? So would parallele 845 drive better big bass speakers than GM-100 for example ? or does it have absolutly nothing to deal with ?

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