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Post Subject: Two wayPosted by anthony on: 3/25/2018
 Paul S wrote:
Anthony, this is a very smart installation, IMO, because you have not "over-committed" to areas where you have work left to do, and areas you have committed to are flexible enough to allow adjustments you will likely need to do.   Also, you have made provisions to "dial out slop" and hold settings, apropos.


If you said yet what the small speakers sitting on stands are, I missed it.

Best regards,
Paul S

Thanks Paul.  Those little speakers are Lenehan ML1 two way standmounts.  They are very good speakers if you can accept the limitations of the topology thanks largely to the effort the builder puts into reducing energy storage in the cabinets.  They have excellent off-axis power response and a lot of effort put into the crossovers.  A good solution for someone that needs small speakers.  

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