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Post Subject: Good points - but depends on the userPosted by martinshorn on: 1/4/2018
hi Romy
I don’t feel much friction with your response. Thats mostly fine. But I replied assuming such a question is raised by someone who has experienced DIY background and basics how to „design sound“.This is of course a precondition. Of course we can’t list a „kit“ here. If we could, the VO would have a different price level (or should have)

The pessimistic POV shown elsewhere here, rather assumes a less experienced person asking this question. But then the answer would be no to most other speakers too Smile

But in general i believe a bit less in personality of drivers. I do believe size, weight, flux, material, etc etc all do influence the sound yes. But i dont agree with the view that only the K151 sounds like a K151. If a construction using all relevant parameters same stuff (except of connector color or such) then, applying EQ to have same response, will give the same sound. 
Regarding the S2 above 5k... for me this dramatic distortion prohibits the use:

The plot is quasi normalized. This distortion level is unacceptable. Its beyond charme and flavor. Its faulty.

By the way, do you remember some fragments you could quote why Kevin chose his tweeters? Would be interesting. I still believe this is Important in the design. Though looking redicolous, as u say, like i thought, and many other probably too. But u experienced it yourself, it sounds good, and that is all that matters.

Cheers Josh 

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