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Post Subject: LubingPosted by measet on: 10/31/2017
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Find another hobby them as to cultivate the Micro fetish is not healthy things to do. A TT is just a tool for getting something ease. If you willing to dedicated your to cultivating tools then it is up to you but be advised that Micro did not bold good tonearms and cartridges.

Romy, You can call as you want but to spin vinyls nowadays is not just about sound...
I'm not really thinking in Micro tonearm not at all in their cartridges but SME 3012R, flagship of Fidelity Research, SAEC, Audiocraft, Exclusive is on my scope.
Some advice for vintage cartridges, momo as well I really welcome.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
Do you have a Cat in home?

I have a cat but do not an air bearing Micro :-)

To change few electrolytic caps is not a big deal and I'm curious about your future power supply upgrades.
I agree with Wellinington, the bearing question is more complicated.
Maybe there is reason that Micro used PB in their oil or just as a good anti-wear additive was common for lubing in that period. Now we cannot find easily such compounds so to replace the oil with original parameters is impossible.
Compare to old one there are many modern oils but also dozen of forum topics where people are argue about what is good or not.
I got an idea! One of my friend who is the CEO of the biggest petrol company in CEE for sure can help me to do some investigation.
I'll took the oil out from one of my RX-5000 and I send to laboratory.
We will know for sure the index of viscosity and much more data. No doubt the 30 year old oil is full with oxidants, moisture and wear contaminated incongruous materials.
Really I don't know which is good, not to touch the Micro and keep the bearing in such glop or try to find a new lub for the engine refreshment and conservation?

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