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Post Subject: Fetish of Micro's?Posted by measet on: 10/29/2017
Interesting to see your different opinions also regarding the complementary inertia options.
Again, I'm touched in this subject because of HS-80 which no question is sexy but with it unfortunately I didn't have chance to set up the stable speed on my neither RX-5000.
I got the best result when I mounted back the original SF-1 belt to the platter and K thread to flywheel.
The speed is accurate and stable (with belt or thread) just when I get rid of the HS-80.

Probably influenced also by my fetish to Micro's I was decided to build an RX-5000 system with tonearms and cartidges from the same eras.
Still I'm on the way so I really like to read your experiences (also in other threads) regarding RX-5000 even if some of them are contrary but this is common in our hobby...

Probably will be long but I hope not never ending project and finally I can compare it with my current main Michell Orbe/SME V/VdH Grasshopper II combination which I like very much and represent a totally different school.

Jam, I follow your path and I keep one RX untouched and the other one I dedicate to experiments.
Please describe your ideas regarding bearing and power supply tweaks.
As I'm not really professional so the electronic schematics would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot!

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