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Post Subject: Correct Tonal Reproduction is KingPosted by Stitch on: 10/28/2017
Well, I know these endless discussions about Seiki but after a while we all have to make a decision. 
Tuning? Better? Better than what? What is "I like it!"?
When doing something - serious - it is mandatory to know what a correct tonal reproduction is. From my experience, 95% of all "Audiophiles" have absolutely no clue about it or what that is. They do "something" and when it sounds different, they are happy about their result.
Had the same discussion about that with a Seiki Dealer, when I told him what his beloved 8000II (he still sells them) is doing wrong... he attacked me badly .... and of course he has no clue except knowing the price tag from his "treasures"....

Anyway....MY files about Seiki are complete and I know very well which combination sounds best....but each his own. And I also know the Seiki 5000 with steel platter ... 

a few pics about that time frame......

MS RX-5000 (3).jpg

MS RX-5000 (7).jpg

Micro Seiki RX 5000-20.jpg

Micro Seiki RX 5000-HS-80-1.jpg

MS RX-5000 (4).jpg

Anyway, I think these TechDas table are done quite well and last year I was seriously thinking about buying a AF-1. I listened to it extensively multiple times ... and did nothing until today....

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