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Post Subject: Only 20% of audio is built to perform a certain way?Posted by hifitodd on: 5/12/2006
Hi Romy,

Entertaining post, but certainly nothing new to someone who is familliar with your commentary.  My personal preference is (ego + intellect and honesty) > (friendliness + naivity), so even though like you mentioned "it's all about me," it may or may not affect you to know that others are at least entertained.

Anyway, the thing that I found interesting was your comment that "Furthermore 80% of audio gear manufactured out there is NOTc built to perform in a certain way but made0-up explicitly and intentionally to conceive the specific marketing campaign, means to generate revenue, nothing else."

This is an interesting comment, because if it is so often the case, then it begs the question why audio?  There are so many other ways out there to make money that are much more lucrative than audio.  Other than Wilson and a very very small handful of others, are there many who have financially "made it" in audio?

Furthermore, even though bringing in the $$$ is of course imperitive to a company's well being, I feel that most (>50%) audio companies build audio to perform in a certain way.

Take a couple obvious examples:
  * Wilson - You and I both know that the MAXX or the X2 is very far from whatever we can agree "accurate reproduction" is, and yes, they are retardedly expensive, but there is no comparable to these products.  I would argue that Wilson creates these products with the goal of achieving a concrete "sound."  Yes, this "sound" is one that will cause your audio-morons to flock initially with its Big-Boy-Bose-like sparkle and other masturbatory effects, but I think it is clear that this is the "certain way" that Wilson products are built to perform.

 * Conrad-Johnson - While perhaps the pricing on most of these pieces is within the realm of possibility for many audiophiles, again this is a case where the "certain way" of performing shows through beyond the marketing and propaganda.  Those familliar with CJ still will agree that throughout the decades, CJ has been operating on a "philosophy" that at least in part is sonic in its agenda, and while again may not be the last word in "accurate reproduction," they at least represent an idea rooted in sound.

Here's to a good upcoming weekend with LPs to spin,

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