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Post Subject: Anti-audiogone Expressivenes...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/29/2006

 Paul Costa wrote:
Thanks for your reply.

I am in the market for either a new pre-amp or phono and line stage.

I know they need around 47k for optimal loading, but what else might I be concerned with.

Did you have a look on Agon at the two there.  The one I was thinking of buying he says is from 1987.  I amy pick it up myself to make sure everything is ok with it.

I would like do not downsample myself down to the purchasing advisement. I feel to board to do it. There are plenty morons out there who would be happy to advise you, regardless their sense of the subject…

Anyhow, staing further away form your Audiogone frustrations: generally, the 47k recommendation is irrelevant as it would depend how much you are wiling to load your cartridge.  If I remember correctly the Expressive would like to see low input capacitance, 100 pf would be optimum. In reality everything is more completed and I have seen how Expressive (I had 3 SU-1 and 2 SU-2) behave very differently with different phonostages (tried with few). If you are local with the saler then leave him money bring the Expressive home and try it with your phonostages. If it Expressiveise Sound then you would nee 3 seconds to detect it. If you do not say “Holly shit!” after second note you heard then your phonostage was not good to begin with and even the Expressive will not help you. I can not say, unfortunately, which specific property of phonostage to look for.  Yes, BTW, keep your cable after the Expressive as short as possible and as good quality as possible. The cable after the Expressive and before the phonostage is the most sonic inflicting cable in your entire system.

Romy the Cat

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