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Post Subject: Re: Expressive TechnologiesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/29/2006


As far as I know the Expressive Technologies have only tow models: the regular transformers and toroidal transformers. The toroidal version (SU-2) is not available publicly which left that whatever the Expressive magnetic available out there it would be the only SU-1 version that Expressive even produced. The outer box should not be important as the SU-1 has 4-5 outer boxes, one inside another, like the Russian Nesting Dolls. The transformers themselves are remarkable small, in fact insultingly small for this box. I have no idea what they sell at Audiogon and what the history of those units. The Expressive was a small company that made the transformer by the small production runs of 10-50 units. It is possible that they had a run with different face plates or somebody remodeled them. I personally have seen only plane-vanilla black units with the Expressive Technologies “embroiling” at corner. If you are interested to buy one then you should more be concern that the Expressive would work with your phonostages. This transformer might be very finicky ….

Romy the Cat

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