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Post Subject: Re: About cartridges, tonearms and a “Big Conspiracy”Posted by Antonio J. on: 10/22/2004

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On its great majority, I share your opinion about reviewers and the audio industry goals and means. That's why I don't give a damn about their articles, but it's just entertainment reading them.

Have you tried teflon tape wraped around the tonearm's tube to increase eff. mass? I wonder if it has any audible effect increasing mass this way compared to adding the mass just at the headshell.

My current cart has a high compliance (about 30, the old model was 35) so it really needs low mass arms and it doesn't fit badly with my current arm, which has 11grs of eff. mass. I suppose that using a Shelter on it would require increasing mass substantially, and probably getting a heavier counterweight... don't know if trying this way is worth the effort or whether it would be better getting a more adequate tonearm.


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