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Post Subject: Which values?Posted by kodomo on: 7/24/2017
Which values are you after? If its the crossover points, here they are, they ay be indicative for you;
dual Tad1601b's in 298lt br boxes - open on bottom to 120 Hz, in a range 90 to 150 Hz ~12 dB (three different settings can be chosen, according to room response)

cf110hz tractrix - supravox 285-2000 modified - 100Hz (effective 150Hz) - 600Hz (effective 500Hz) - 6 dB

cf200hz tractrix - radian 850 - 500Hz - 5000Hz - 6 dB

cf1400 JMLC - radian 475be - 4500Hz - 12000Hz (effective 8000Hz) 6 dB

fostex t500amkII 9000 Hz (effective 7000Hz) 6 dB

However, unless every single component is exactly the same with mine, my crossover wont work for you... 

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