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Post Subject: Ignorant affirmation.Posted by xandcg on: 7/18/2017
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Karavitis wrote: “...There is one, concerning a well-known US-based designer and his obsession for air transport as being the only safe way for shipping his enormous crates filled with tube amps...”

This is a completely ignorant affirmation. Air freight is not is by any means safer than any other commercially available transport... it is just faster and the more expensive one... Not to say in the event of an accident it is a lot more prone to the goods being transported by plane be completed lost than by ship.

Still, air cargo companies do not have pre-determinated routes, like passenger ones, they land wherever is better for them at that specific moment. So you can send something (i.e) from USA to France, and the plane could land in Scotland, move your cargo by truck to England, from there by train to France, and still use a cabotage service to the final destination. They just want to delivery at time, and by the cheaper way for them.

Everyone barely involved with logistics know how the goods are handled and know it is they (exporter/sender) responsibility to proper package the goods accordingly. Just take a look on how fine art is packed - usually huge crates to transport tiny objects.

If someone wants a "safer" transport/handling, we are talking about special solutions what none of those "high-end" audio companies could afford consistently. Not to say it would still cost a lot more to them since all of them are small business (specially logistic-wise) and most international transport business simple do not care for small business, and do not want to deal with them - it is a little better for them at the air freight.

Just to exemplify, if you just delay a ship it will cost to you not less than U$150K per day, and they almost always will charge you for the entire day. And ever if you offer to pay, they still could prefer to simply leave the port (with your goods inside the ship, if that is the case), and later they call you:

Hey, your cargo is in the port X (what can be anyone). Have a good day.

99% of those companies certainly use "cargo accommodation" and so they probably do not even talk with the real transport business directly, what in maritime affairs just handle complete containers.

Just to enlight, still in maritime affairs, any business handling fewer than 1000 containers per year is not a "big business", unless we are talking about real special cargo.


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