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Post Subject: Thanks to remind me.Posted by xandcg on: 6/20/2017
You should be really inattentive... :-D

I just heard her playing Paganini once, I do not remember where (but it was a recording, not live) and what specific piece, but I remember I also really liked it. However, I always forget about her because, for some reason, I keep confusing her with Hilary Hahn, who I really dislike - amazing technique but total lack of emotion (IMHO, annoying).

I think she is associated with "Decca Classics", and so there you should find most of her recordings.

I am no a big fan of music streaming but I am very tempted to went to Qobuz. I created a free account as it allow to listen to small parts of all they catalog (but just mp3 for free), and they have a big classical catalog... in fact bigger than any other streaming service -what is good to find new music.


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