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Post Subject: Analog Transfer: the first draft.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/11/2006

People asked me: Romy why don’t you try to transfer some analog to digital and see what happen. I was queries myself and I decided to try tonight.

Whatever I did was in a way half-ass but I was interested in “as is” result. Although the attempt of transfer is compromised (the details below) but I was specifically interested in some aspect of the Larry’s AD performances and I got my answers. Generally I am semi-pleased (not with the transfers itself  but what the lavry's AD did in this case) but, still, there were some not good "issues" that I did notice also.  I will not comment on the results further but I provide below a sub 200mB file with raw transfer. It is 24/88 and if you have no means to play it then do not waste my server and do not download the file. If you do download and listen it then I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

 (attention: a large 170meg file, 24/88, i will not be playable on regular windows players.)
 (file is gone)

Some technical comments. The recording was spontaneous: all preparation took 10 minutes. It is Micro 8000 with SME2016+26g with Shelter 901. Then Expressive SU-2 coupled  with 2xEAR-834PT, then everything went into my preamp, then into Lavry Gold AD-122 processor, then to Linx16 and to the HD of my DAW.

Some problems: have no connectors to Lavry AD from my cables and therefore I used the cheap Rat--Shake XLR adapters (they are horrible!!!) Also, the Dominos cable were moved from across the room, disconnected from the Super Melquiades and to connect to the Lavry – so the cables would need 2-3 days to get bass back. (Now it has no real bass).

Feel free to comment,
Romy the Cat

PS: Do not downsample the file into 16/44 ... it will be garbidge!

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