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Post Subject: Bubbling shellac?Posted by N-set on: 2/5/2017
 Paul S wrote:
fiogf49gjkf0dOver time I have observed that, in most cases, one quickly turns the corner from "enough' connector mass to suddenly arrive at "too much" connector mass.  I started out with a cable clamp like Jessie shows for my 6 gauge "dedicated ground" wire for just the reasons Jessie cites, that it needs to be REALLY TIGHT.  From that point,  I actually wound up soldering that whole effing junction to "protect" it/keep it from "going bad".

Warning: The following is for total OCD nutbags only:

I always clean my solder joints mechanically; then I "pacify" them with alkaline flux buster; then I coat the joints with a couple of applications of very saturated "natural" shellac.

Paul, there is something I wanted to ask you but have kept forgetting. When I apply your shellac cover trick, 
I noticed that with time (days) the shellac layer over the joint becomes bubbled, not smooth and semi transparent as in the beginning, but
develops  millions of frozen bubbles in it. They do not open up so I guess the air protection is still there but.... Is that normal? I use chemically pure isopropyl to dilute shellac into a very thick mix.


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