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Post Subject: Several things to think aboutPosted by musicomm on: 12/28/2016
Hi Romy,
First I want to say thank you for your opinion.
I have read your post several times and I will read it again to understand fully what you mean with my 8000 next to me. You have given me things to think of such as 'dirt that cause the scratch on the glass' 'cleaning the shaft' 'buff the glass platform' etc.
My TT is at the technician's office and I will take it back today.
I will disassemble the main bearing and I might have more questions later.

For the air pump,
There are too many things I can tell about it but it will be too long to write all about it. (You know I have spent six months on the pump)
To make it short, I have five air pumps. MicroSeiki SX-8000 works with and comes with two air pumps as you know.(RV-1090 for air suction and RP-8020 for air bearing)
I bought one extra RV-1090 and later two Aqua pumps. The two Aqua pumps have same capacity as RP-8020. RV-1090 also blows air so it can be used for air bearing but the pressure is much lower than RP-8020.
I bought all those three extra pumps thinking air pump might be the problem.
But I decided to cut that out from the possible problem because when the TT is in good mood it works with any pumps. When it is in bad mood it stubbornly resists like a peevish donkey to rotate properly with any pumps. I even combined to pumps to double the pressure or pump output but no difference.
But it turns w/o any blemish when it is in good mood for more than 20 hours but It is not possible go guess what makes it feels good or bad.
This drives me nut.

I even though to remove the air bearing and put a new bearing. But the platter is way to heavy for a conventional bearing and it will be no more Micro seiki sx-8000 w/o air bearing. So I gave up the thought.

I really hope I can solve this problem soon and I believe that there must be some way to solve it.

Thank you again.

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