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Post Subject: GO BIG !!Posted by Scott L on: 12/14/2016
 Paul S wrote:
Thanks, Scott L.  I get the math, and no doubt hearing is believing. Still, I do know for certain that "a driver" can be influenced by a defined amount of trapped air in an enclosure, at least as far as the sound that comes from the driver, and sound can be tailored just by changing the volume or density of air on one side of a driver; so I will have to meditate further to understand how compression and rarefaction do not factor here, notwithstanding equal/opposite "cancellation". Again, I have never played with trying to get infrasonics from IB, and opposed-driver subs I have heard got way down there in much smaller enclosures.

Best regards,
Paul S


     You have touched upon some very important aspects here. I'm glad you helped me remember !     In slot loaded systems, where the bass drivers are mounted push-pull, and in close proximity to each other, the parameters DO INDEED change, by somewhere in the 10-12 % range. As an example, in my mid-bass ppsl manifold, the drivers free air resonance changed from 46Hz, down to 40Hz; and the Qts raised from .35 up to .39

With respect to smaller bass enclosures --- sure, they may measure as if they go deeper, and probably do trigger that response on a meter, but, what do they sound like ?     I know that there is a whale of a difference because I have heard both. The much lower efficiency/high mass drivers need considerably more power to "push" them, and correspondingly sound so sluggish as compare to the effortlessness of a low mass/higher efficiency driver in a much larger enclosure. Guess you'll just have to trust me on this, and hopefully one day you will be able to hear this for yourself, in a fine music playback system !

                               best regards,
                                                    Scott L.

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