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Post Subject: Seem a test.Posted by xandcg on: 11/21/2016
It seem a market test for that type of recording. They probably will launch a few more "luxurious" limited editions to cover everything they spent and guarantee some profit before lower the cost, and if they find out that fashion could be profitable in a long run.

When Berlin Philharmonic started its own in-house label, I thought this was a lovely opportunity to bring reference quality recordings to the dwindling classical music audience at decent prices by cutting out the middle man rather than a profit driven highly exclusive, expensive packaging based commercial venture.

Unless the artist is unknown and do not have a real market, so do not need any real logistics, cutting the "middle man" can make the things a lot of more expensive. A distributor usually deal with serious volume of goods, and so can have considerably lower costs - specially if you are selling globally.

The other scenario is when the seller is so big it justify to maintain its own logistics operations, like Nike, Rebook etc.

Berlin Philharmonic should have a lot of "clients" but certainly they cannot be considerated ever a medium client for a logistic/transport companies. They are not dispatchinga full container every month at least. So, the things are expensive for them.

Not to say they (Berlin Philharmonic) are not even close to the logistics market, and certainly several mistakes were made, and will until they understand how that market works. On that market, if you delay a little bit you (your goods) will be left behind, unless you pay for the time it was idle waiting for you, and even if you are willing to pay sometimes they prefer to leave you behind because they earn more money working to another client at on that time .

And there are other costs. They need to remove the cutting machine from its place, or bought one (unlikely, but still expensive), and pay not just for the time it was used and the logistics, but also for the time it was not used because it was on the transport, being installed (and reinstalled) and sitting the idle.

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