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Post Subject: Denon pcm what was different about it?Posted by steverino on: 8/8/2016
 Romy the Cat wrote:

 I pulled today from my shelf my collection of earliest Denon PCM recordings on LP the Denon record in end of the 78s. I generally do not like this entire series but the first releases where OK, not as good as then might be analog but much better than they were on CD.

The Cat

Sorry to take a left turn on this old thread but this was the only reference to Denon PCM LPs here. I have a couple of these and I was listening recently to the Janacek String Quartets LP. While I could hear a slight coarseness to the sound it struck me that this was actually a rather realistic midrange. In fact it was far better than the digital LPs that were issued in the 80s in that regard which either were thin sounding or fuller but vague and muffled. The Denon LP had a much more involving midrange sound and better transient punch than those recorded in the Sony PCM era.

My question is does anyone know what Denon PCM encoders did compared with later Sony or related PCM encoders? I realize there were slight differences in the sample and bit rate. I think Denon was using 47k and 14-15 bits. But were there other attributes of their encoding process that might explain the subjective difference in sonics with standard digital LPs? I am not talking about LP vs CD sound to be clear. Of course it might just be that Denon had an exceptional LP masterer.

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